Answers To Blocks you will need for NCAA sports topic

Answers To Blocks you will need for NCAA sports topic

This is a list of “Answers To/A2” Blocks that you will need to be able to

Con A2 Blocks

A2: Exploitation/Students deserve payment

A2: Students don’t graduate

A2: Racism

A2: Collective Bargaining good/labor movements

A2: Health care

A2: Corruption

A2: Injury protection

A2: Poverty

A2: Economic autonomy/entrepreneurship

A2 Sports Bad (Pro collapses sports J)

A2: Entrepreneurship/Financial Literacy

A2: Graduation rates low/graduation good

A2: Relationship between universities and students primarily economic

A2: Universities have the money to pay/large endowments

A2; Paying students makes the college athletic programs stronger

A2: NRLB already recognizes as employees

A2: Student athletes work more than 40 hours per week

A2: Institutional trust

A2: Spills-over to high school sports


Pro A2 Blocks


A2: College athletics will become professional

A2: Scholarships Solve

A2: They are amateurs/amateurism better

A2: Title IX undermines solvency

A2: Paying kills Title IX, Title IX good

A2: Too expensive for universities

A2: Scholarship cuts, A2: university cuts

A2: Tuition increases

A2: Causes cuts in non-revenue sports

A2: Causes many sports to be cut

A2 Creates inequity with non-athletes

A2: Naming/image rights solve

A2: Literal legal arguments

A2: Students would have to pay taxes

A2: Action at state level better